Yoga for Everybody

What is it – a general yoga class suitable for beginners and non beginners alike. This class is an opportunity to delve into the world of yoga or hone in on improving technique and alignment. Getting the basics right is paramount for creating a safe, successful and effective practice.

What are the benefits – this is a great class with a mix of themes and focus. Students can expect the following with a regular practice – improved posture, flexibility, bone health, blood flow, lymphatic drainage, immune system. It may reduce blood pressure, lower blood sugars and prevention of cartilage and joint breakdown. People can also look forward to a reduction in tension, anxiety and stress and improved sleep and general well being.

Is it suitable for all – yes, as everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace, listen to their body and make sure to get the fundamentals right and then improve the finer aspects of hold, breath and alignment.