About Emer
Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Holistic Health

About Emer

Elevate Wellbeing creates an environment in which You Are Uplifted.

Elevate offers an inspirational variety of wellbeing practices to suit all needs. Clients can experience an active yoga class, a calming meditation, a restorative yoga and mindfulness workshop, a massage – whatever you feel your mind, body and spirit require to support you on your path toward wholeness.

Making a positive difference is at the centre of the Elevate Wellbeing ethos.

Meet Emer

Nature-loving Emer is at her best when sharing wellbeing practices with others – whether leading a yoga class as the sun rises over the ocean and spills on to Clonea beach, or at night during mindfulness meditation as the sun sets and the Meditation hub darkens. Even connecting remotely with participants in their homes to help clear the overwhelming clutter of busy minds through guided meditation, this is where Emer finds her purpose.

Emer believes the most important gift we can give to ourselves in our practice is to be accepting, allowing, and encouraging of self. As we help ourselves, we are better equipped to help others – everything improves as we lift ourselves up, from relationships, to the workplace, to our community and society in general.

Elevate Wellbeing’s core values are based around inner harmony, compassion, happiness and family.

About the Classes

Having a background in sports massage therapy means alignment, body awareness, breath awareness and core strength are central to Emer’s classes. In addition, Emer is aware that it is important to incorporate fun, inclusivity and enjoyment into her Yoga classes.

The variety of training and learning she has undertaken has helped Emer to understand the many physical and psychological benefits this type of exercise has to offer everyone.

Practicing Yoga can help people with a spectrum of requirements, from those interested in the physical benefits of a stronger workout, to the peace of mind achieved in a more relaxed, restorative and meditative class. Emer also offers 1 to 1 classes for those who may wish to start off their yoga journey in a more private manner or for anyone who wishes to explore and fine tune their own practice.

Along with Yoga, Emer also holds meditation classes where students are invited to give themselves permission to switch off in a relaxed atmosphere. Emer supplements these classes with recordings which can act as a means of creating a more mindful and present approach to the hectic reality of everyday living.

Emer qualified as an Accredited Mindfulness Coach and Practitioner in July 2021 and this qualification grants her the ability to teach mindfulness in a range of settings including the workplace, in individual therapy sessions, to pre and primary schoolchildren, teenagers and adults. Mindfulness can help improve all aspects of life – mentally, cognitively and physically and from improving relationships to cultivating a stronger mindset in sports to a greater sense of wellbeing.

Developing her own formal and informal mindfulness practice has unreservedly helped to reduce stress, anxiety and foster a more present and fulfilling way of living.

Holistic Therapies

Emer received her Diploma in Holistic Massage from the School of Body Therapy, London in 2006. In addition she has qualified in Indian Head Massage and Hot Stone Massage. In 2012 she took her several years of massage experience and used it to further her education when she became the first graduate of the IBHT Newbridge VTCT Sports Massage Diploma course.

The benefits of massage are extensive and Emer personalises her treatments to suit the client’s requirements and needs. The advantages of massage include reduced pain and stress, improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, faster healing of soft tissue injuries, reduced muscle tension, as well as improved sleep and immune function.

Training Journey

Emer qualified as a yoga teacher from the highly regarded Michael Connolly’s AlphaZone School of Yoga in May 2018. Practising yoga for over a decade gave Emer an appetite to develop a deeper personal practice and delve into the many physical and psychological benefits this type of exercise has to offer.

After the initial 200-hour teacher training Emer furthered her education through the completion of Yoga for Sport*, Yoga for Trauma & Stress Advanced Intensive Training** and Yoga & Mindfulness Immersion Training**.

The popularity of the Meditation classes and audio meditations were the catalyst for Emer to enrol in a ‘Mindfulness Teacher Training Certification’ which will qualify her to teach mindfulness in a range of settings including workplaces, schools and for other groups.

Places of learning

  • Michael Connolly’s AlphaZone School of Yoga
    • *Yoga Therapy Ireland, Dublin
    • **Yoga Room, Dublin
  • School of Body Therapy, London
  • IBHT Newbridge
  • Believe Perform.com
  • Louise Shanagher.com