In her kind, gentle, compassionate way, Emer taught us the magic of mindfulness! I joined a group class. We learned to slow down, stop, appreciate the moment, be still, and breath more deeply and easily. And an absolute unexpected bonus, I am sleeping more soundly, feeling more grounded, aware and generally more content with my lot. As Emer reminded us, our time here is finite; this series of classes gave me the ability to stop and appreciate my life and all in it, moment by moment. Emer also encouraged us to build mini mindfulness sessions into our day, for a minute a day for week one, morning and evening; 2 minutes a day for week 2 etc, gently nudging us into action; all suggestions made with no pressure and no expectations –‘ even if you can’t manage 2 minutes, try 1, if 1 is too tricky try 10 secs. I would highly recommend Emer’s Mindfulness sessions . You will be delighted you did.

I began attending Emer's yoga classes for men in my mid forties, I found the classes were expertly tailored for all ages and levels of fitness. Emers knowledge of yoga, professionalism and sense of fun ensures that everyone gets the most out each class.

Mindfulness is like the bridge between the outer and inner world. Cultivating mindfulness practice opens one up to the inner world of peace, tranquility and knowledge. Emer facilitated these sessions so skillfully - it's as if it's second nature to her. In each meditation session she took us to a place of calm and serenity. I had lost sight of my inner world, that place that holds all the answers for me if I spend the time to listen. I feel I have regained balance in my life through the daily mini mindfulness practices Emer set for me/the group.

I have been attending Emer‘s yoga class with two years. As somebody who does a lot of sport it has helped my flexibility and core strength 100%. Would highly recommend.

I only wanted to stretch after a tough weekend of training. What I've got is more flexibility , core strength and better breathing and a calmer mind and more relaxed self. Go and you'll never regret it.

I love Emer's yoga classes, they're challenging and energetic but also very relaxing. Emer has a very unique style of teaching, bringing humour and insights to her classes. She is such a calming presence, I always leave feeling peaceful and ready to take on the world. Emer's half day workshops that combine yoga and meditation are really special. The setting in Clonea is amazing and Emer always delivers a class that's good for your soul as well as your body. Emer is such a warm person and she injects that warmth and positive energy into everything she does. There's always a little surprise in her classes, whether it's the soundtrack she plays or the little affirmations she gifts or goodie bags she's made or handmade lavender eye pillows for meditation or a bunch of lovely daffs-  Emer always gives more than you expect. I can't recommend the classes enough - treat your mind, body and soul on the mat with Emer.

I've done yoga with Emer for the past two years and have developed my practice by attending a range of classes. Emer's knowledge and expertise is outstanding, she provides a warm and supportive  atmosphere and even better she delivers the content with humour and reliability. I always leave feeling a little bit lighter and a whole lot brighter. Thank you

Have been going to Emer with a while now with one or two different injuries following GAA. Emer has always sorted the problem and was great at finding the sore (but good) spot!

I had never attended any yoga classes before finding Emer’s. It has now become my favourite hour of the week. Emer has such a calm presence, she’s the perfect instructor. Her guidance is calm and descriptive-making following along so easy whether a newbie or a novice. I’m so pleased to have found yoga with Emer and I highly recommend anyone considering her classes to just go for it!

Emer Enright's Yoga classes are better than any tonic ! Emer is an OUTSTANDING teacher who empowers her students . She is a great communicator and has the ability to INSPIRE others. She is professional, knowledgeable , well organised and most importantly great craic !!! Her classes are FUN, engaging and full of her own POSITIVE attitude. Emer's kindness creates a wonderful atmosphere where everyone is treated with respect and encouraged to be the best that you can be. I cannot recommend her classes highly enough. You are guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face, a spring in your step and a lighter heart!

I joined Emer's yoga class a few years ago and it has been so much more than a wonderful yoga experience.  Emer obviously puts a lot of thought and expertise into every class as although they all covered the basic techniques each session was a totally different experience, fun, yet challenging. Emer has a calm and logical method in guided meditation and she is a natural in creating serenity and connecting mind and body.  The yoga workshop experience though is simply total immersion in activity and wellbeing, getting the balance right, in great company and not forgetting the fabulous food! Definitely exceeds expectations. 

I’ve been going to meditation with Emer for the past year and it’s one of the highlights of my week. In these times when we all have such busy lives, it’s great to carve out some time for myself. Emer is an amazing tutor with a passion for what she does. I always feel so relaxed and stress free after every class. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

I am a regular client of Emer’s for my wellbeing needs. Years of poor posture and commuting have resulted in stiff and painful shoulders. Thanks to Emer’s caring professional approach and massage technique my situation has greatly improved. I would highly recommend Emer to take care of all your well being needs.

As I now suffer from oesteo arthritis, and general aches and pains from years of cycling, Emer's skill, intuition and professionalism and might I say patience have been invaluable. She has a special gift of being able to feel and take the pain herself. With her indepth knowledge of the body and how it works, she completely gives it her all to ensure your experience is such a betterment to your daily living.

Emer was very understanding of the soft tissue massage that I required during my injury rehabilitation phase. She ensured that I was not in any discomfort throughout the treatment and provided me with advice on methods of increasing blood flow to the affected area.